Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Another

Suma / raj / natarajan / Uma

I wanted to do this couple of months ago but somehow missed it. However itbetter late than never.

I want to recognize and appreciate the work that Vijay did when he came toonsite for short term not only in HP Take Down but also in the Consultingand Data Modelling effort for CHF. In data modelling effort, he created autility in 4 hours that did the work which was planned to be completed in 4days. This helped us expedite some of our deliverables.

He is very enthusiastic, proactive, innovative and look forward to takingup challenges. I recommend him for bigger challenges.

Thanks and Regards
Amit Sachdeva

Amit Sachdeva is my Business Relationship Manager
natarajan is my Global Relationship Manager
Suma is my Offshore Bid Office Manager
Raj is my offshore Delivery Manager
Uma is my Offshore Group Lead

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