Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Another


I've been meaning to send you a note for some time to give you some positive feedback on Vijay.

Vijay has been working on this program for much of 2007. He initally started working as the designer for the ODS model focused on Risk Infrastructure. However, we have leveraged him extensively in work for Reference Data, Calc and most recently on the Reporting buildout.

I am regularly in meetings where folks on my team or other Risk Infrastructure teams point out that they have reviewed different activities with him to get his insight and suggestions. In all cases, he has been extremely helpful to them. He is always takes time to work thru issues and provide guidance to a variety of individuals, at all levels of the organization. This sort of engagement is a important aspect of teamwork. Vijay has always delivered on every commitment he has made, so this is clearly an example of the sort of above and beyond contribution that he regularly makes.

I am particularly impressed with the breadth of topics to which he adds value. Steve, the Chief Architect of this program, regularly brainstorms with Vijay and has noted that he consistently comes up with suggestions that are both architecturally-sound and practical from an implementation point of view.

Praveen, the Reporting Program Manager, has expressed very similar views as well.

Overall, Vijay has done an excellent job in this program this year and had a positive impact on the overall result across the board.


Rich is Client Chief Business Technologist
Amit is my Onsite BRM

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