Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Another

Hi Amit and Reginald,

I have worked with Mr. Kadiyala for more than nine months. I find him to be extremely capable on a number of fronts, for example he is able to:

manage multiple, complex tasks simultaneously, bring a fresh perspective a problem and propose/implement solutions that address the original problem as well as various derivatives of the original problem perviously not considered, and work with a diverse team, always managing to be the calming voice of leadership based on sound reasoning.

When I first started working with Vijaya K. I found that we did not provide to him the proper tools to make him as effective as possible (e.g., lack of access to systems, no laptop, etc.), however, despite these limitations, during that time I notice that he was helping all the key teams to be productive. He was helping Calc Srvc and Reference Data teams to define their DB structures and processes to load them, and finally, he worked with Reporting team to do the same. But for all teams he did more then that. He was always working hard/creatively to help said teams solve problems that were not part of his original remit. This additional assistance often made the difference between success or failure of a particular project life-cycle phase. Most recently, he worked on my Data Direct project, his performance, dedication and drive was/is a model of the "ideal consultant". He has taken my idea, understood it principles and has delivered a better solution then even I could have imagined.


Michael is Client Side End to End Testing Manager
Amit is my Business Relationship Manager
Reginald is Offshore Solution Architect

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