Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Another

Hi Amit and Regi,

I just wanted to tell you gentleman that I very much enjoy working with Vijaya K.

Since I have met him he has jumped from one project team to another, performing far above the norm on all teams.
He is not a stranger to working hard but efficiently, or correcting the mistakes of others, or offering suggestions to improve the process, etc. Best of all, he always has a smile.

What I appreciate the most is that I can pass a conceptual design to him, he can internalize said design and then work with me to make the concept better (i.e., a sounding board).
Then after agreeing the design, he implements it quickly, efficiently and without errors.

He is a professional!


Michael is Client side End to End Test Manager
Amit is my Business Relationship Manager
Regi is my Offshore Solution Architect

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