Monday, April 26, 2010

Just Another

Good Morning Mayank,

Last year I have worked with Vijaya and I have been requested to provide my feedback on him.

Last year, Vijaya worked with me for few months on a very complicated project with notorious deadline. Vijaya helped me with the data modeling & analysis for different BDSS Databases.

Vijaya is very knowledgeable, diligent and creative. He provided number of new sound ideas on data modeling. His skill for data modeling is excellent. He was also very quick to pick up the business (brokerage) significance of the data. He had a very professional attitude and never missed any delivery date though he was simultaneously working on more than one projects. The quality of his output was excellent too.

It was a real pleasure working with him.
In short he has truly exceeded all my expectations.

I am looking forward to work with him again (provided we are given with another opportunity).

Please let me know If you have any concerns/questions.

Ranen Bhattacharyya

Mayank Sinha is Engagement Manager
Ranen is Senior Information Architect

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