Monday, February 13, 2012

Just Another

Hi Manoj,

Here is my recommendation/feedback for Vijaya

He is an excellent asset to any team.

He is an excellent technical resource, in that he is highly proficient in Microsoft tools and database technologies.

Vijaya likes to be challenged and thrives in situations where his knowledge is put to the test.

He is able to think both proactively and reactively to situations that need to be resolved and will always find solutions to problems even when others are tempted to give up.

His is able to see the ‘big picture’, but is able to implement at the micro level.

His is very thorough, ensuring that whatever he implements will be correct the first time, saving time and effort as no rework is required.

He is also an excellent team player, willing to share is his ideas with his peers and assisting others whenever the need arises.

Additionally, he is always approachable and makes every attempt to be inclusive.


Ita is Onsite Database Architect
Manoj is my Offshore Project Manager

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