Monday, February 13, 2012

Just Another


I have known VJ for the past 4 years,

He has been in the capacity of Date Modeler , Database Developer Administrator, in the assignments he worked on I have observed his performance to be superior as compared to his peers.

He is an exemplary employee and a valuable asset to the organization.

VJ demonstrated his abilities while working on the ODS/RODS/DAL redesigning Maintenance Jobs.

In this assignment , VJ took the initiative to re-design all the maintenance jobs. The new design is much more robust, and flexible and provides more information to Operate and DBA teams on what is happening and how long it is taking etc. With this new implementation.

The program has the intelligence to send notifications to the Operate and AD when things are not progressing as expected.

This was implemented in production in Nov-2011. The program has improved the overall performance of maintenance jobs.

This is directly helping the overall business to the greater extent. Now the data would be available to business very early.

Another assignment where VJ distinguished himself was.

IB Technology & Operations is running a multi-year Strategic Reengineering Program (RDT Strategic) to consolidate Reference Data Systems across many areas and building a Corporate Reference Data Repository to suit to complex business requirements and provide additional data quality. As part of this initiative, IB Risk Tech has started to build a new infrastructure to source the data from RDT Strategic.

Vijaya quickly understood the business requirements and design of the environment in a very short time, he developed code to meet tight deadlines. This application went to into Production in Jun-2011. This business logic is spread over multiple areas, 70% of the business logic is developed in Java and 30% business logic is developed Database PL/SQL

Additionally, VJ took the initiative to do postmortem. He came up with numerous ideas and translated them into the solutions to simplify overall process and proposed a new architecture, The project went into Production in Nov-2011. This new architecture has brought down the overall storage space by 50% and improved the overall performance.

VJ is an asset to his team and CRI, I am recommending him for recognition, he has exceeded all expectations.


Bill is Onsite Program Manager

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