Monday, February 13, 2012

Just Another

Hi Manoj,

Vijay has contributed in significant way to manage large database objects in CRI environment.

Some of the highlights of his contributions:

• Actively participate in troubleshooting index corruption issue in TPBP. Collaboration between DBA, AD Team (Vijaya Kadiyala & Darrel Kwong), and Oracle support has finally identified the root cause of the issues, and resolved the problem after applying Oracle patches. It was a complex issue to resolve, which took over 30days to gather forensics and analyze many trace files before we close the issue.

• Vijay initiated effort to compress ULOG tables, which is a common logging table. This has positive performance impact on many applications in TPBP which share this logging table. The new partitioned table structures would allow purging to reduce storage foot print, as well as partition pruning to improve query performance.

• Implemented enhancement for ODS/RODS/DAL partition maintenance. This new initiatives shortened maintenance window by enabling multi threading, as well as completed partition compression on historical data. In summary, this effort has reclaimed about 3TB of storage.

Overall, Vijay has shown his strong dedication to provide supports to DBA team at late night hours and weekends.


Tantra is Onsite Oracle DBA Manager and Architect

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